It Begins

So we move into our new apartment and instead of just living with things the way they are, we decided to go ahead and redo the bathroom. The main reason for this is that we badly need storage space since we gave up a walk-in closet at our old apartment so we decided to put in a floor to ceiling storage unit in the bathroom along with a sink unit that will have storage underneath and above. We still need more-a lot of our clothing is in plastic bins under our bed even with our armoire, but it’s a start.
We began a couple of months ago by putting in new windows. It’s hard to get ride of old glass that’s in windows probably over one hundred years old but cold air leaked around the edges like crazy so we went ahead and did it. It made our apartment less dusty and much warmer, especially the kitchen and toilet where there is no heating unit. (We don’t have central air as this building was probably built in the late 1800’s. Each room has an electric heating unit put in by the previous owner who replaced steam heating radiators. The toilet and kitchen just get any heat which comes from the other rooms-it was the same in our old apartment. The kitchen heats up of course when I’m cooking, epecially using the oven.) The new windows cut out more noise too although as our place isn’t facing a street that isn’t much of an issue unless the people in the building across the courtyard decide to have a party which is more common in the summers. The guys putting in the windows made a huge mess cutting the vinyl material used around the windows. There was white powder everywhere and it stuck to horizontal objects like lamps and the sides our bed. We didn’t know it would be so messy or we would have covered everything. The main guy doing the work-arriving looking like he was in the process of becoming a werewolf with long shaggy hair but no fangs or facial hair yet-was covered in white dust when he was finished. When he vacuumed up some of the dust (I found a lot when they finished) I looked down the hall and saw him applying the vacuum nozzle to his own hair.

The hall down to our bedroom and then bathroom covered in plastic.

This time, on the first day of the bathroom renovation, only the main guy (Wolfman) arrived (making me think the job is going to take more than the ten days we were told) and he put plastic sheeting on the floors. I covered the bed myself with big sheets this time. He then got to work hammering the tiles off the wall behind the bathtub and then the floors.

Bathroom as it first was with a metal open storage unit.

When we first planned to have the bathroom done, it was just going to be putting in a new sink and the storage unit. Then Maurice said, “Why don’t we put in a new tub too?” The room is rather narrow and a short tub was in place and I-a rabid, bath loving girl-took my bath with bent knees. We found out that you can get a corner unit and the bath area is turned diagonally so I can have room to stretch out. So we added that to the list. Then the people doing the work told us the tile on the floor would be messed up when the tub was removed so why not get new tile while we were at it, so we picked that out too. All of this, no surprise, added to the time and expense of the job. I think we will be happy we did it though.

Without the shelves.
So, day one, Wolfman stays half a day.
Day two, no one came.
Day three, Wolfman arrived with a helper and the tub was installed. It looks great and I can’t wait to take my first bath. By the way, Wolfman is a smoker and likes to smoke on the job. It gives me asthma so Maurice told him. He kept smoking but opened the bathroom window. I still smelled the smoke and was also cold. At least it wasn’t snowing with 30 degree temperatures. I was afraid to go in there and demand he stop smoking due to a fear that he would stop the job and not come back. He did stay the whole day at least. I used my inhaler for the first time in ages. I plan to leave from now on when he comes to work.
Day four, the tile guy comes. He gets the tile put up around the tub and on the floor but has some work to finish on Monday.
Day five. We were told someone would come and work even though it was Saturday. Didn’t happen.
Day six, Sunday. Maurice is looking at the furniture sitting in our bedroom and suddenly decides that it isn’t going to fit in the bathroom. He starts measuring and now I am worried too. Also, the pipes for the water and drainage aren’t where the sink is going to be. I don’t kow if Wolfman knew this and that’s how it is supposed to be or if he will have to make some major adjustments. We just have to wait until next week I guess. But they also have to paint the walls and ceiling and the tile guy has to finish his job and then we will see what happens. It’s getting stressful.

All stacked up ready to be taken downstairs to be disposed of.
PS-we do have another toilet!

10 thoughts to “It Begins”

  1. Home improvements are so stressful! You’re totally at the mercy of the workers and they know it. I look forward to photos of the finished project.

  2. This all sounds about normal for such projects! Just keep trusting how much you will love and enjoy it when it is finally finished. I like the idea of the diagonal bathtub…hmmmmm, I’m getting ideas…

  3. I am sure it will all go well with the fitting of the new bathroom , yes at times it makes you think … why did I start this 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely comment , yes 4 years is long time , I have just tried to see how long you have been blogging , then discovered your older “journal” dating back to 2001!! So you have been doing it 10 years 🙂 🙂

  4. Oh, dear. On the plus side, that’s a lovely hallway.

    But it will all be fine in the end, I’m sure. Courage!

  5. So I remember this same story when you redid the old apartment. That one turned out just amazing. This will be great-that tub idea is perfect….I need to stretch out in the all too few-no time for – baths.

    Keep the pics coming.

  6. I think its time to go out and get some Cosmos in you! LOL

    it will be delightful when you finish 🙂

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