Many people coming to Paris want to try L’Entrecôte. There are several locations. We took our friend to the one near the Odeon metro stop on the Left Bank. It only serves one thing: steak and french fries and it is very tasty. It’s not the best steak I have ever had-I still prefer those in the States-but I liked it. It’s a good deal too and it was packed with French people.

It starts with a crisp salad with walnuts.

Our cute waitress serving it up. You get seconds by the way.

The steak was served with a green sauce which I believe is made of parsley and butter. Very good. I’m going to try and duplicate it.

A look at the interior.

We shared this towering dessert made of meringue cookies, ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Yum.

9 thoughts to “L’Entrecôte”

  1. Linda, That’s where you sent us when we were searching for steak frites in Paris. We went to the one near the Champs Elysees. I think saying you get seconds isn’t nearly strong enough. They gave you another steak and more fries. That’s a lot of food.

  2. Right Linda,we must set a date … Are you about in May?? I don’t really like Steak and Chips/Fries/Frites but would give it a try 🙂

  3. It all looks so delicious. I’ve never seen a steak served that way with a sauce…gosh, I can’t help counting up the calories and fat grams though! It’s worth splurging once in a while, however,…and that dessert is extraordinary.

  4. What a fabulous lunch! That salad looks wonderful – and I have to admit that even though I haven’t eaten beef since the 80s, that green sauce certainly makes it look appealing. Keep on enjoying life!

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