Apartment Renovation Week Three

We are in the beginning of week four today but here are the happenings-or not-of week three: So here we are in week three of the renovation we were told would only take ten days. We were sure the workers would be here bright and early to finish the bathroom and start on the kitchen. No one ever showed up. We have to go out of town on Saturday and would very much like to have the job finished before then. The guy I call Wolfman seems to run the show and he won’t come if everything isn’t here. We don’t have one of the faucets needed and I have a feeling he knows that. I was all ready to leave our apartment to avoid his smoking but ended up waiting around all day, our kitchen completely cleaned out and ready for the work to begin.
Tuesday comes and goes with no workman. Maurice called the contractor and was told that we were never told that the kitchen would be finished this week. I guess I thought ten days meant ten consecutive days but they meant total. I guess it will get finished at some point but from what I understand, it won’t be this week. In the meantime, we still can’t use the sink in our bathroom but at least I have my bathtub.
Has anyone out there ever had a good experience with building or remodeling? I built two homes (with my ex) in the States and in both cases the builders went bankrupt. Most of the work was done thankfully. Then, when Maurice and I did remodeling in our old apartment I started picking up some strange vibes from the workers. Before the work was finished, no one showed up. Yep, brankruptcy again. Maurice finished the tiled back splash himself. The second remodeling there went pretty well. At least people showed up and the work was quickly finished. I don’t think this new crew is going to not show up, I just think they have another job going on somewhere and will probably do the same thing there as here and come finish up the work here leaving the other one unfinished.
In the meantime, Maurice totally emptied our kitchen and put everything in our dining room thinking our kitchen wouldn’t be usable so we are sort of camping out, scrounging around in boxes trying to find forks or plates. I really need to dust but hesitate knowing a big mess will be made when they finally get going on the kitchen.

The contents of our kitchen in our dining room.

Day five-Wolfman shows up and finishes the sink in the bathroom but not the electrical part. The contractor tells us that he never said they would hook up the lights. He was here about one hour. He said he will be back on Monday if the tile is here. I know we ordered it but have no idea if the contractor has it. We have the new counter top in the hall. Keeping fingers crossed.

A look at the furniture now installed in the bathroom. It’s hard to get a decent photo as it is a very narrow room. So nice to have a sink to use besides the tiny one in the room with the toilet.

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  1. No, I’ve never had a good experience remodeling and have decided I don’t ever want to it again. When we moved into our current house we had some work done that should have only taken a few weeks. It took six months.Never. Again.

  2. I’m kind of curious about who you are using to do the work. Is it a stor crew. We had Castorama hired guys do turn a closet into a second WC and they were OK but we had big personality conflicts with the kitchen store people, though I’m now happy with my kitchen.

  3. I think that all our remodelings went well… includung a full house in the States. They take twice as long and cost twice the starting amount or so it seems …but results were always what we expected. It is just a frustrating experience to have THOSE men there at all hours and with no notice.
    Patience Linda, it is already looking great !

  4. I love all the storage you have in your bathroom. I haven’t heard of anyone having a good experience with remodelers. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Maybe we should start a “reliable remodeling business.” If the workers actually showed up everyday that would be a huge improvement.

  5. I have used the carpenter who lives on my block for some things and he does a quick, professional job always but he is a friend.
    I love the bathroom cabinet. So sleek and clean looking. The faucet is great also.
    I hope all goes well with the remodel and can’t wait to see it all finished. I am sure you can’t either!

  6. We built 4, yes 4, custom homes over a period of 25 years. We learned all the hard lessons with the first, things like putting penalty clauses into contracts and not being charged an extra percentage above the price of any changes we made.

    When a contractor thinks he is going to have to pay a penalty of $200 per day if he goes over the time agreed upon, it’s amazing how quickly he gets his act together. We also learned to plan for 20% above the amount agreed upon….mostly because of “change orders” or things we spent more on (lighting, cabinets, etc).

    A good builder should be organized and somewhat OCD, I think. Our last experience was our best, and that is the kind of builder we had. All the subcontractors knew that he would not put up with any “stuff” and they behaved accordingly. Plus, we did not go one dollar over budget.

  7. The only time I’ve ever had remodeling work well was in a kitchen, and I acted as my own general contractor. Just hired the muscle to put it together.

    Your new sink looks lovely–the curving lines are very pleasant. Hang in there.

  8. I’ve never remodeled but I’ve never heard of a remodeling being done on time either! 🙂
    Love the new look! Hang in there!

  9. This is not encouraging! On the other hand, at least they have *started* the project. I can’t even get guys out to give me an estimate for tiling the floors in my two upstairs bathrooms. I guess it’s too small a project. Your bathroom, however – at some nebulous, future date – will be smashing: so sleek and contemporary!

  10. Like that bathroom cabinet…nice lines. It is really slow, I know.

    We are remodeling as we speak the garage; demoing stuff, add electrical, shelves, workbench, washer/dryed, etc……so far, okay. I can only hope-because no matter what we were told about completion date-not going to happen.

    Yours will be sensational like the last place when it’s finished. You have great design sense.

  11. We are in the throws of remodeling a condo in a marina in southwest Florida. I feel your pain. We gutted our place to the walls. Fortunately we don’t have to live there while the remodeling is going on.

    Bonne chance.

  12. Linda, it looks great. However I think you have discovered the true caveat (in any language) to “it will take 10 days.” They leave out “but not consecutive and only when we don’t have any other job to work on!”

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