Wake Up Jim!

A quick trip into Pere Lachase with my friend visiting from the States.

We first went to see the burial site of Jim Morrisson. I have no idea why people still want to visit his grave but, as you can see by all of the flowers, they do. A young man from Poland told me that he still lives in his music.

There is a barrier around his tomb because of all of the grafitti and people wanting a souvinier from the tomb. There used to be a full time guard too but I didn’t see one this time. There is a lot of grafitti on a nearby tree.

There has been a lot of rain this year so green moss is everywhere.

The ancient Jewish section of the cemetery has this long line of trees leading to an old tomb at the end.

2 thoughts to “Wake Up Jim!”

  1. I hadn’t wondered why people are so adamant about seeing Jim’s grave. It’s not like they do with other rock stars — well, Elvis, but that’s at his house. I wonder why and how this became a “must-see” Paris stop.
    I would rather go see Oscar Wilde’s grave and write some pithy graffiti

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