Tales of a Friend

I’ve been writing a lot about my friend who came to Paris to see us for ten days. I met Nancy when I first moved to a small community in the middle of nowhere in Texas with my now exhusband (could it be almost thirty years ago?!!!) and she was across the street. She had just moved in a few months before from California. We didn’t know it at the time but both of our marriages were over. One woman, not a very good friend, couldn’t believe that I was friends with her, that we had anything in common. Nancy didn’t look like other Texas women. She had her hair dyed white and it stuck out in stylish spikes. She often wore shorts, high top tennis shoes and a t-shirt with the words “Everlast” across the chest. She was very religious even though she didn’t look like it and that’s what first drew us together, along with our children being the same ages. When I started having marriage problems I would go across the street to her house and sit in an antique barber chair that she had in her bedroom and pour my heart out. She had a jacuzzi too and we would sit out there late at night and drink margaritas and talk about life. I didn’t hear as much about her marriage as she did mine but it was only a year or so later that she left her husband and returned to California. Somehow we kept our friendship going and so it has remained to this day.
On one trip to see me in Austin where I then lived, she introduced me to cosmopolitans. I was only used to an occasional glass of wine so I drank too much the first time and then slept through the movie that we went to next. Afterwards we went into a Pier I and I bought several things for my house that I never would have done had it not been for those cosmos and her influence. She has really good taste in clothing and decorating and I always trust her advice. I went to see her in LA many times and that was how I came to love the area. Should I win the lottery, I will buy a little place there on the beach, earthquakes and all.
I enjoyed her visit here to Paris and we both drank way to much. I don’t think Maurice was too happy with it but how often do you have a best friend come to visit from across the ocean? We only had one tiff. It turned out that Nancy is a very slow walker and you can’t hurry her across streets as the crossing light turns red. She refuses to go and waits for the next green light. In any case we were just entering a metro platform. The train was there and the doors were open. I said, “Hurry, Nancy!” She doesn’t do hurry so I stepped into the doorway just as the bell went off saying the doors were closing and held it open.
“Get on Nancy!”
She said, “No!”
“Get on!!!”
The doors closed on me. The train, luckily, won’t take off if someone is in the door. Then a lady inside grabbed my coat and tried to pull me in. Fortunately, the metro doors opened again and I stepped out and we waited for the next train. I was so mad. I couldn’t believe she had done that to me. I got over it but I never tried to hurry her again. In any case, friends like her don’t come along very often in a lifetime.

Her very stylish bracelet. She always inspires me to dress better than I do.

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  1. It seems like such a little thing, doesn’t it? Hurry to step into the Metro, but you are a good friend to decide to evolve to her pace rather than expecting her to speed up to meet yours. Hopefully, she compromises in another situation for you.
    My best friend lives five hours away and since she is in a bad marriage, I don’t go visit her. When I don’t hear from her in awhile, I know she is working on her marriage and doesn’t need my negative influence (I think he’s an ass and she should leave him). When she’s fed up with him, we talk everyday, not necessarily about him though.

  2. I’m so glad that you and Nancy had such a good time together in Paris. Thirty years ago neither of you could have dreamed that one day you’d be comparing Cosmo spots in Paris. Isn’t it wonderful that some things – such as a best friend – never change? (and that some things DO?!!)

  3. Cosmopolitans and shopping–a LOL-creating situation. Are you going to show us pictures of your inappropriate purchases? And how wonderful to have such a good friend for so long–good on both of you.

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