Week Four of 10 Day Apartment Renovation

I have to say that this was the worst week yet. Monday started out well enough as Wolfman arrived. I left as I expected some dust and a lot of smoke. When I arrived back at our apartment the new counter was in but our apartment, every bit of it, was covered in dust. Two square areas had to be cut out of the new counter top for the stove and sink and to say that a lot of dust was made is an understatement. When I walked in it was all I could do to not cry. It seems like all I have done since this renovation started is vacuum and dust. I’d have insisted on a plastic curtain to the kitchen door if I’d know this was going to happen. Not only was the floor covered in dust, but it was on the curtains and the walls. I had shut the bedroom door but dust made its way under and around it. The workers had also walked through the dust and into the bathroom leaving tracks on the bedroom floor and our new bathroom floor.
To add to the misery, when the tile was removed from the kitchen wall an area that stuck out turned out to be a sort of false wall we guess to hide some electrical wiring so the cut to order kitchen counter didn’t fit. Wolfman fashioned an insert and supposedly some people will come and be able to fill it in so it won’t be seen and he also chisled a sort of tunnel for the electrical lines. At this point I don’t really care. The contractor came shortly after I arrived and I just stayed in the living room not wanting to talk to him. Maurice called me into the kitchen to explain to me what would be done to the counter and I walked in the kitchen and couldn’t even look at the contractor much less talk to him. I’m not usually rude but I didn’t have it within me to be pleasant.
I told Maurice, “They’ve beaten me down Maurice. They aren’t ever going to finish and we are never getting rid of all of the dust.” He said, “Where’s that American spirit? You never say never, you never give up.” But I think I can’t work up any more optimism.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday came but not a tile man. We did vacuum and dust but I still need to wash down the walls and vacuum the curtains if I can get up the energy.
We had to leave for Provence on the TGV at Noon and I have no idea when we come back and if we will walk in the door to find no plastic sheets on the floor and the tile in the kitchen finished. I wouldn’t surprise me to find it just like we left it.

The kitchen in transition. If you look closely, you can see Wolfman’s pack of cigarettes.

A back view of Wolfman. I wish I had gotten one from the front with his hair covered in dust. I noticed that he has a wedding ring. Someone has to live with him! If I had had my camera at one point I could have gotten a shot of his crack as he bent over but I’m sure you don’t mind missing out on that.

9 thoughts to “Week Four of 10 Day Apartment Renovation”

  1. LOLOLOLOL – His hair could sure use some shine treatment!! Great stuff please keep it coming – 😉

  2. I am so sorry about all the mess and the delays. But I agree with the first 2 comments; your writing is great and I can’t wait to read the next installments!

  3. We are hanging in there with you! If I were a neighbor I’d pop over and help keep up with the dust…

  4. So sorry for all that mess. It is hard to clean up dust and it can ruin a vacuum. I hope the end results more than make up for it.

  5. Oh Linda, how very frustrating! I do hope you return to something pleasant. It is nice to know that even French builders aren’t immune to tradesmen’s crack 🙂

  6. Today I read the obit of a delightful woman of 95 whose philosophy was, “Life is great if you don’t weaken.” So stay strong Linda…this frustration, torment though it is, will not be your undoing. In the meantime, have another Cosmo!

  7. Stay strong and stay as long as possible in Provence. The whole remodel sounds dreadful. Take care of yourself. Maybe move into a hotel for a few days of pampering?

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