This and That in Paris

A few unrelated photos taken around Paris.

This is a view from up above of Bercy which was once a wine storage center and now houses many shops and restaurants. Maurice and I often take the metro and come here to see a movie.

le Train Bleu, a famous restaurant at Gare de Lyon. It’s beautiful inside but I didn’t have time to go inside as I was catching the TGV to Provence.

I’ve been seeing these signs all over Paris. They tell you how long the walk is from where you stand. I guess they are promoting physical fitness.

I’m often taken with lights and their colorful reflections on walls.

5 thoughts to “This and That in Paris”

  1. Great photo from above Bercey village 🙂 such a great place to go and wander round. I must look out for those signs .. I just keep walking .. Ha ha .

  2. I love the idea of those signs. I think more people would probably walk – I know I would – if they knew someplace was just a 10 or 15 minute walk away. But, similar to what Paulita refers to, part of the joy of being in Paris is to stroll through the streets.

    Still, turning a 15 minute walk into a 30 minute one isn’t really a big deal in the course of an afternoon, especially when you’re wallowing in the pleasure that is Paris. Plus, you can always take a metro back, if you’re presed for time, right? Although my preference would be to come back by a different route.

    All in all, though, I really do like those signs.

  3. Hi Linda, I love those signs with the walking time. What a great idea.
    Le Train Bleu looks inviting.I hate when I see someplace great but can’t stop in.

  4. Le Train Bleu is drop dead gorgeous. It was filled with businessmen when we were there for lunch in the 90’s. I made the mistake of ordering andouille, which I didn’t like, but it’s such a special place it was worth it just to have lunch there. I’ll bet it’s really pricey now.

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