How Was Yours?

How was your Valentine’s Day? Maurice tells me that the French don’t usually celebrate it but I did notice some decorated bouquets in the small grocery store that we go to a lot and in Paris the windows are full of hearts and ruffles. You have to admit that Valentine themed windows can be really striking. So Maurice thought it would be easy to get into a restaurant on Valentine’s Day especially here in the depths of Provence but he was wrong. At 6PM I finally convinced him to call a place to reserve a table. He tried five places before he finally found one.

They had rose petals on the tables and the menu was rolled up and tied with a red ribbon.

We were served pink Champagne.

We had a bottle of rose.

They even put hearts on the bread. The service was really bad though and after Maurice complained it seemed to speed up. Maybe the fact that I was taking photos of the food made them think I was some sort of food journalist. In any case, they gave us a complimentary glass of champagne at the end of the meal. Just what I needed-oink. I don’t sleep well when I eat and drink late, especially if champagne is invovled and that proved to be the case that night.

< The restaurant, the Restaurant du Lac, is decorated fabulously. It is situated on a man-made lake and I saw a terrace outside that I bet is great to sit on in the summer. This was a huge painting on a gray wall. Maurice and I ate here many years ago when we first visited the area. It wasn't fancy at all, just a plain little place and it was where I first discovered that I like foie gras when a slice of it came out on a salad I had ordered. It's rather fitting that we are eating here again as it is just about our last meal here in the Luberon. You see, we have sold our house. I know. Can you believe it? I have loved every minute of our time here in beautiful Provence but it is time to move on. I love our home and I will miss it horribly but I'm really tired of the yard work not to mention those pesky snails. We felt pretty isolated here and although we loved it when we had company and family, that didn't happen very often. So, we are on to a new adventure. Maurice wants to get another place but we don't know where that will be. I love change and look forward to exploring and learning a new area but we are both racked with excitement along with sadness, a lot of it. Change can do that. So that's why we left our apartment in Paris before it was finished as we had to come here to Provence to pack. As I write this I am surrounded by a sea of boxes. How did we accumulate so much? We sign the final papers on March 8th. What's next? I look forward to finding out.

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  1. Change is good. It’s true – even though some changes are bittersweet. God bless you as you move forward, may He shine a light on your path.

    And I love the hearts on the bread!

  2. There is always so part of life we regretfully leave behind. It may be better to purposely make the choice than having it forced on you. I hope you find another place to love.

  3. Well that Valentine’s post took a twist I did not see coming! Congratulations on selling your house, even though owning a house in Provence is what I hope to achieve some day.
    The restaurant looks truly romantic. We had a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant because we both had to work Valentine’s evening. I had delicious swordfish that melted in my mouth.

  4. Loved this account! What a surprise for Maurice to see that everyone was poised and ready, with attention to details sigh. Glad to see you enjoyed such a fabulous “tête-à-tête”

  5. What a surprising ending to the Valentine story! I actually gasped. I know it’s bitter/sweet to move on but what fun it will be for you two to explore for a new locale. Can’t wait to hear all of the adventures you’ll have. I’m glad that we were able to enjoy the house before you sold it and I do understand about those darn Provencal snails – they have to be seen to be believed.

    We also had a very late dinner (in Carmel) on Valentine’s, and also had trouble sleeping. We’re not used to eating such a rich meal – and so late – kir royale, caesar salad, rack of lamb and bananas foster. Whew! I’ll be hitting the trail at double time to get rid of those calories.

  6. I can understand not wanting to deal with a second house and all the outside work that entails, even though such leavings are bittersweet–and the photos you’ve posted of that house were lovely. Still, what a great new adventure in finding another place, hopefully without snails. Have fun!

  7. I miss your house already – we visited as often as we could!

    You are housing impatient. You get the itch to move every 2-5 years!

    When are you going to settle down? 🙂

  8. I’ve always been a frequent mover, so I know exactly what you mean. But there are sooo many great places. You miss the ones you leave behind, but it’s exciting to see new ones up ahead.

    Maybe a villa on a tiny lot in a not-quite-so-isolated area, next time? And a part time gardener to deal with the snails?

    Whatever you choose, best of luck, and also with the finishing of your kitchen. Can’t wait to hear about it all.

  9. I relate so much to your mixed feelings; it is in a way heartbreaking to sell a place you’ve loved so much, in a geographic area that’s meant to much to you. We’ve just done that in Sydney — for all it hurts, there is also as you say that anticipation of change, and that life still has more to offer.

    Cheering you and Maurice on the next stage of your journey!

    All the best.

  10. P.S. Meant to say I won’t be surprised if ‘something else’ turns out to be a lovely little place on the beach in California … cheers 🙂

  11. Loved all your adventures and many posts from Provence. All the stories about fixing up the house, the pool stories, snails and then all the pictures and pride as you completed the work. Many celebrations when family came to town and a lovely getaway in a gorgeous area. So I can only imagine how difficult the packing has to be, arranging for storage and getting ready by March. I can’t imagine doing all of this work and knowing the apartment is making you crazy.

    I think you need a break in sunny California for a couple of weeks!

    I’m so happy for both of you as you make new plans for a second home sans snails and I agree-a gardener at least part-time. There are so many lovely areas in France.

    Can’t wait for this journey to continue.

    Best to you and Maurice.

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