Life in the Country

We are in Provence and went for a walk the other day because the sun was out-such a pleasure to have blue skies and sunshine.

We went up past our local chateau and I took a photo of this pigeonnier, as I often do. As you can see, the sun is just about to go behind a hill and the building was left in the sun. As we were standing there looking, we heard the sound of a bell and we’ve been here long enough that we knew it was from a sheep and, sure enough, the sheep appeared. Just another day in the country.

Here they are, just coming out of the trees.

Moving along a narrow road that runs along the side of the chateau.

They have to cross the highway to get to the farm and they speed up to get across. I guess the berger is getting them ready for eating in fields as they will be moved up to the mountains in the Spring to an area around Sisteron, famous for the taste of lamb and mutton. The taking of sheep up to the mountains is called a transhumance and we’ve gone to see it a couple of times up north of here.

4 thoughts to “Life in the Country”

  1. Ah. I love that. I don’t live in a place where the animals are herded any where. They stay in their pins here. Maybe out west they travel like that.

  2. We used to see this near Sault and it is a thrill for city folks. Wonderful that the simpler ways persist and not just for tourists, but for real. J’aime la Provence!

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