A Walk in the Past

Because Maurice and I are basically all finished packing we decided to do a little trip to Annecy right across the Swiss border not far from Geneva. We were married in a small village close to this beautiful city and I love going back to visit again.

Annecy is near a huge and beautiful lake and canals run throughout the old part of it.

The canal splits into and flows around the old prison.

Lots of colorful buildings there.

An abundance of swans can be found there too. On our visit right before we got married there were two black swans. I don’t know where they went. While there we visited Maurice’s aunt who helped us put our wedding together. She worked for thirty years or so in a restaurant and as a result has really bad feet but, even worse, now has to be on an oxygen machine due to years of being around second hand smoke which is really a bummer. Maurice’s Uncle, soon to be 90, seemed pretty spry. When we married he had a girl friend that was younger than I am. He walks with crutches due to being shot by an evacuating German as he rounded a corner in Nice and spent a couple of years in a hospital as a result.

We went up to the village, Allonzier la Cailles, to have a look around and found it much changed. We saw a cousin of Maurice’s and he invited us into his house where we found ourselves eating sauccison and drinking white wine at 10:30 AM. We had to be polite, right?

8 thoughts to “A Walk in the Past”

  1. I would love some sauccison and white wine, and it is only 6:30 a.m. here! The buildings are gorgeous. So many fun places to explore.

  2. It is stunning – and made more so by the fact that the area holds such special memories for you. Many more happy times are my with for you both. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. I’d pass on the saucisson, but you wouldn’t have to twist my arm to clink glasses and down a good white wine after walking about such a scenic place, no matter the time of day! Just being polite of course.

    Is your family still living in Switzerland? I see the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and those buildings in the water are just amazing.

  4. Oh Linda, what a charming village. Thanks again for the lovely village photos and of course you must always be polite!

  5. Love these photos and the memories. I remember when in your first writings you told the story of the wedding day and events leading up.

    Much happiness as you begin this next chapter in France.

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