A Bite to Eat

While in Annecy we did some serious eating.

For lunch we stopped in a little place by a canal in the old city and had tarteflette which is composed of lardons, potatoes, cream and cheese and is just as fattening as it looks. Good stuff though.

We had a bottle of Apremont too which is a regional wine and very good.

That night for dinner we went to a place called Cavite. We had hoped Maurice’s aunt and uncle would join us but they turned us down saying they didn’t go out at night anymore. I hope I never get to that stage. They told us it was the best place in Annecy. It was very elegant as you can see by the silver candle holder on the table.

Maurice’s steak with some sort of fried ravioli on the side which was really tasty. I had scallops which were great but it had that foam that is so popular now which kind of makes me a little nauseated to look at for some reason. I’d rather have plain smooth sauce.

The dessert was just spectacular with round pear pieces, pear ice cream and cream whipped up with carmel and put in a lovely chocolate container which held more pear pieces. My it was good-the best part of the meal for me which made up for a salad that looked like something pulled up from the side of the road. Yeah, it was green and probably good for me but the dressing wasn’t zingy enough and the greens were sort of bitter and some of them had the root section still attached. Still, I would recommend this restaurant.

7 thoughts to “A Bite to Eat”

  1. Oh, my. I have to stop reading your blog in the morning because it makes me so hungry. That first meal looked heavenly and I’m imagining a sip of your wine too.

  2. Hey Linda, should have asked us to pop over, we could have taken the relatives’ places, ha! ha! The dessert was spectacular, love both pears and chocolate.

    Tonight we’re heading for Cafe Capistrano, a local TexMex favorite – and not a chain, all freshly prepared, even make the guacamole at the table with fresh avocados!

    Happy trails.
    Mary X

  3. Well, what can you sat to that? “YUM” seems like such an understatement! I know you enjoyed every bit. Keep on having fun!

  4. I love your description of the salad- “pulled up from the side of the road”. I enjoy this sort of food once in awhile, the extreme attention to arrangement. Mostly I call it “overwrought”, and all that detail is expensive.

  5. I should not have read this before going to bed especially being pregnant! Apremont and Tartiflette are two of my FAVE things and I am missing both of them very, very much right now…

    I also love pears, chocolate and cream and that dessert looks heavenly!

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