Over The Alps

To get into Switzerland to visit my son and his family we have a choice of several ways to go. Since we were in Annecy we elected to go through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. It’s over seven miles long and saves about 50 miles on a trip if you were going over the Alps without it. You have to pay over 30 Euros to use it too and there can be unbelievably long lines getting to the entrance but there were very few cars as we entered it.

My son has moved to a new little village and this cemetery is in the center of it. He lives on a hill overlooking the village. Being near the Alps, there are hills and mountains all over the place. We walked down the hill to get to the grocery store and my grandson’s schools are at the bottom of the hill as well.

A closeup look at a grand masoleum in the cemetery.

A look at the rather grand interior of a small church in the village.

Artist at work. This is the youngest grandson, Nathaniel. He’s almost three. He’s actually quite a good artist and drew a face with two eyes, a mouth, nose and hair. He put a mustache on the drawing here and I could tell what it was. He’s a genius I tell you.

9 thoughts to “Over The Alps”

  1. How nice that your son and family are on the same continent! Bet you would miss watching those little guys grow up. No signs of ADD from that little one. Totally focused

  2. Wow- that tunnel is not for the claustrophobic!
    I have 3 grandsons, a fourth arriving in May, and am fascinated with their natural ability. It seems each generation exceeds to former. Nathaniel looks adorable and is clearly brilliant!

  3. Artist at work – Sensational!

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    Happy Women Day to all of you…

  4. Is he that old already? Wow! So cute, hunkered down on the table like that, engrossed in his masterpiece. We have had a Hand Turkey proudly displayed on our fridge since Thanksgiving. Nice to have some original artwork in our home.

  5. Wow, brave you for going through le mont blanc tunnel, I have never dared, its just too long for me 🙁

    The new village where your son lives looks cute. I absolutely adore mountain views and would love to live somewhere with views like that.

  6. I crossed through the Mont Blanc tunnel thrice last year and was surprised how easy it was. I was really impressed by the massive moutainrange and tops taking up all my windshield space soon after leaving Geneva!

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