And Then There Were None

Well, we are both sad and relieved. Sad to be leaving beautiful Provence but relieved to be leaving behind the yard work and some things we didn’t enjoy anymore.

We will really miss this view. We often would sit outside on our terrace and watch the sun set as we sipped a glass of wine and then saw the stars come into view.

Goodbye bathroom.

Goodbye bedroom.

Here’s the truck holding our furniture from Provence to be put into storage until we decide where we will go next. It won’t be the States although I would love California but I don’t see moving there when my family is elsewhere. Stay tuned as we explore a couple of other regions of France. I’m excited as we head back to Paris in our car stuffed with some things we didn’t put in storage.

4 thoughts to “And Then There Were None”

  1. Loved all the pictures as you worked so hard on this beautiful home. I know you’ll still visit the Provence region…just not all the work it takes to keep up the house there. Thanks for the last look-yes, bittersweet….but oh that packing! Be well and here’s to new adventures.

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