A Final Goodbye

On the last day when we left Provence we went to our old house for the last time to pack up a few things we had left there as well as pick up our cat. It was really strange to walk in the house and see the new owners there with, already, a few of their things scattered about. The couple seemed very happy with the house and especially loved the light. It was sort of like a WWII scenerio as the man was English, the woman German, Maurice French and me American–and here we are about seventy years later all at ease with each other. I think they will be very happy there as we were for almost eight years.

The German lady told me that she had a lady in her life who had been like a second mother. She saw her often and helped her as she got older and finally ended up in a retirement home. To her surprise, when the lady died, she was left some money. How much? Enough to help buy our house. I think she was getting repaid for her kindness to her second mother for all of those years. Also, the final papers were signed and the house became theirs on the birthday of the English man. It all seems like it was meant to be.
We sort of thought that as we were leaving that we would feel really sad and that there might even be a few tears but that didn’t happen. I just remembered how happy the new owners were, how much they loved the light in the house and was ready to turn the page. It was a long drive back to Paris but there wasn’t any heaviness of heart, just a looking forward to what was next. By the way, they said they would be glad to do a little exchange any time we wanted-they would stay in our Paris apartment and we could stay in the house. It sounds sort of fun but it sure will be strange not to have our things there.

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  1. A beautiful story Linda .. yes they sound as though they were meant to be the new owners .. How sweet on the exchange .. but it would be strange !!

    I don’t expect that this lovely German lady expected to be rewarded for looking after the second mother ….. especially not this way …. !! Wonderful.

  2. I think you are right, a kind of reward for her care all those years. A wonderful ending to a period in your lives and maybe a nice new friendship too.
    Glad the kitty gets to come along home.
    I wish you the best of everything as you continue in your plans.

  3. What a lovely ending to the story. You could wrap it up in a bow or a fiction story. If my mother saw that first photo, she might be willing to come with me to France. She loves purple.

  4. Hi Linda,
    I visited you twice in Provence and loved that house and the “tours” you gave me.
    Provence is so special. There is a time for everything I guess, but still… it was a fabulous place! On to the next adventure… Knowing you, it will be a good one again. You have that magic that makes things happen.

  5. Having only just found your site I am sad to discover that you are on the move but looking forward to following you further afield. Diane

  6. Such a lovely story! (great observation about WWll) It’s quite wonderful that all four of you are happy with the new direction in your lives. I hope Maurice no longer is suffering from back pain after hoisting the sofa onto the moving truck.

    Have you scheduled your first exploratory location-finding trip?

  7. the first picture just blew me away! how striking the colours.

    lovely story. do good and you’ll be rewarded! 🙂

  8. Very touching. My moves in France have been sobfests and although I sometimes think I would like a change from Aveyron, I can’t imagine moving…not anytime soon.

  9. Such a touching story!
    I can empathize with your feelings. Before we moved here, we sold our beautiful home of many years. I am glad for you that you feel your home has found good new owners.

    The colors in your picture are marvelous. I am awestruck that lilacs are already blooming in Provence. We are a month or so away.

  10. Hello Linda, I just happened on your blog and immediately empathized with your move. A friend and i own a house in the Languedoc and we are thinking of selling it which is the sensible thing to do but very sad all the same. If the buyer is “sympa” it would help.
    As for the pretty design on your cup of coffee, you would be delighted with the designs the baristas embellish our coffee in my adopted city, Portland, OR. Of course, caffeine addiction is rampant up here!

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