The Most Beautiful Door in Paris

I have a thing for art deco and art nouveau architecture and one of the best examples of it in Paris, in my opinion, is the one of avenue Rapp. You can see it in the movie, Gigi, when Gigi enters the building for instruction from her aunt on how to be a lady.

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Door of thr Art Nouveau Building from the architect Jules Lavirotte at 29 avenue Rapp.

A lady was coming out of the building as I was looking at the front door so I did a quick sneak inside. This is a look at that door from the inside. The inside wasn’t as spectacular as what you see on the street.

The people who live here have this view of the Eiffel Tower. I wish someone would invite me up to their apartment just so I could get a photo from a window.

A look at one of the windows where ceramic tile was used.

9 thoughts to “The Most Beautiful Door in Paris”

  1. Wow. The sad thing is that I could have walked past this front door a hundred times without noticing how spectacular it was if you hadn’t pointed it out. I just don’t have an eye for detail like you do. Thanks for sharing

  2. My favorite style of absolutely everything is from the Art Deco/Noveau years: architecture, decor, jewelry, clothes. And that door is a fabulous example.

  3. Wow Linda .. it is fantastic .. one thing in Paris .. always look around you .. up , down , left and right … ♥

    Yes I wish I could live near the tower or someone would invite me up to see the view Too!!

  4. Remenber when that tenant told us about the penis symbol? We have to search to see if it was intentional at construction time.

  5. What a treat to see that wonderful door from the inside! (from the outside, the glass portion reminds me of a fantasy dragon fly face) I love it when you surreptitiously take us to see parts of Paris most people never see. Keep on sneakin’!

    One of the few films I own is Gigi, which I just adore. This post reminds me that I need to watch it again.

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