Spring Has Sprung

I took a quick walk into Palais Royal with a friend and had a wonderful surprise as we rounded a corner and saw all sorts of color.

Pink tulip trees were in bloom.

I loved the bright pink against the blue sky.

Purple hyacinths were in bloom and the fragrance was fabulous. Can you see the butterfly? I didn’t when I took this photo.

This girl in her go go boots was blooming too. She was having her photo taken by what looked like a professional photographer. The men were salivating all over the place.

6 thoughts to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Beautiful.
    The apartment is lovely too. I am a great fan of French doors.
    No flowers here yet, just a few green shoots springing up here and there.

  2. The man in marble is just as inspiring, in his way, as the girl in go-go boots. 🙂 Beautiful pictures — I can almost smell the hyacinths.

  3. Beautiful reminder of spring and everything new and fresh. Was cold and wet when we were there in Dec ’08. Beautiful photos, Linda.

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