Sun Lovers

We had a fabulous sunny day in Paris. Here are some more photos around the Palais Royal, one of my favorite places for photos.

This restaurant is at the entrance to the Palais Royal. If you saw the rather ordinary movie called The Tourist, the movie opens with the character played by Angelina Jolie sitting here at a table outside.

The fountain/pond in the middle of the gardens. All the chairs were full of people sitting in the sun, a favorite thing of Parisians when the sun comes out.

The Grand Vefour, a famous restaurant in the Palais Royal. I wanted a photo of the flowers inside and had my camera up when a waiter stuck his head around the door. He invited me in to take a photo if I wanted. Colette and Napoleon both ate here in past times.

The sun shining through the columns there.

6 thoughts to “Sun Lovers”

  1. Spring has really sprung in Paris and its getting cold here as its autumn.
    I wish I went to the Grand Vefour! Lunch is always cheaper but….. this is a $$$ place 🙂

  2. One of those days when you can really gloat about living in Pairs. Oh well, I guess you can gloat about it everyday. Love the photos

  3. Lovely to sit outside. Paris folks know how to enjoy! We walked by Grand Vefour and peeked in the window one morning. Heard it’s lovely-and VERY expensive.

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