The Carrousel de Louvre

I was in the Carrousel de Louvre the other morning, the underground shopping mall that that leads to the Louvre Museum, before the crowds arrived. Since it was even a Tuesday morning the Louvre was closed so that meant it was quieter than usual. I was there to take a quick free course offered by the Apple store there before it was opened for business for new Mac owners. It was about the photography section of the MAC which is fairly new to me. I can’t say I learned much not because it was all in French, which it was, but it turned out that I already knew everything just from searching around on my own.

It’s hard to get a photo of the inverted pyramid with no people in it.

A closeup.

The Apple Store. These stores are always just packed with people. When my class ended at 10 AM people poured in.

There is also a Marriage Freres across the way. I went in and bought some tea. They always have the nicest windows.

They don’t usually allow photos inside these stores but when I asked a man working there if I could take a photo because it looked so nice he said, just for me exceptionally, I could take a photo. Upstairs looked like a Japanese tea room. I only got this rather ordinary photo and now wish I had gone upstairs for a closer look. I think it’s one of the nicest tea rooms around.

7 thoughts to “The Carrousel de Louvre”

  1. What extraordinary photos in the Carrousel du Louvre, sans people! It must have been some sort of miracle…and what fun to have it all to yourself.

  2. Love the pyramid w/o all the people as an artistic piece. Nice photo. I remember you took us to Marriage Freres where we made some purchases. Beautiful store. Love how they arrange everything.

  3. Oh how I miss the mini mall in the Louvre 🙂 We use to live in Paris, and on Sundays, we hung out there all the time. Last time I was back there, was 2009, and so many stores have come and gone. There is a Marriage Freres tea place now? That is my favorite tea, and I’m so glad I can still get it here in the SF Bay Area.

    Thanks for sharing, the photos, it brings back such lovely memories.

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