This and That

I’m always ending up with photos without a theme but, what the heck, here they are anyway.

One of the love locks found on the Pont des Arts. Some of them, like this one, are really individualized.

People enjoying the warm weather and sunshine along the Seine below Pont des Arts.

These were for sale at a marche selling food from around France. These are a cheesecake and, as it looks like, the top is burned. They are called Tourteau Fromage and are only baked in a certain area of France. I bought one out of curiosity and it was basically a sweet vanilla cake and that black topping, which is said to keep the cake moist, gives it a slightly burned taste, not my cup of tea.

I saw this grafitti not far from where we live. It isn’t painted on the wall, but pasted.

This door is nearby that grafitti. Isn’t it great?

8 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. Love the art nouveau door and what is with graffiti artists pasting on images? Have they run out of time to actually paint things on? Could you take the blackened part off the cake? It looks almost like a lid. Love the photos, even themeless.

  2. Fantastic doorway 🙂 I like your bits and bobs (This and That) posts, something different for us to see 🙂

  3. I would HAVE to try one of those cakes!
    They are not “Laudree Pretty” but …. sooooo interesting looking! LOL

  4. Those locks are charming. I like the one with the “?” next to the numbered tumblers. And that deco door . . . sigh. Is it on a public building, or perhaps apartments?

  5. Saw lots of those locks in Italy-Florence in particular along the river.

    Lots of tales of love, I guess, or forever promises.

    A tour guide actually took some of my firends to see them.

  6. Hey can you please tell me which market this was at? I used to get torteau fromage 20+ years ago living in Paris and haven’t seen one in a long time!!!

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