A Walk in Paris

I’ll call this post A Walk in Paris instead of This and That, or Bits and Bobs as an English Internet friend calls it.

Some grafitti that caught my eye because it was lavender. The girl who did it (I assume it was a girl because of the color) used making tape to section it off then tore it off and left it in the street.

There was paint left in the bucket so she just upended it on a post. Not very tidy of her. I always think, when I see paint like this usually spilled by some painter outside an apartment all over the sidewalk, that it will be there for a hundred years. No way to clean it up once it’s dry.

This guy was in the window of a pharmacy.

He was advertising this, something I’m sure isn’t for sale anymore-but I could be wrong.

Aren’t these pretty? They look so fresh and like spring.

3 thoughts to “A Walk in Paris”

  1. You almost had a lavender theme going there. Maybe you are missing Provence! To me it’s amazing that the graffiti can be so meticulous, it can be really like art, and then the “artist” can just dump paint or leave trash around. Its an oxymoron.

  2. Not only are Valda Pastilles still made, they even have a Facebook page!
    I have seen graffiti which is centuries old, even ancient. The intent has not changed much, it is essentially selfish, rarely artistic or of any value.

  3. Love the Valda Pastilles guy (even tho it looks like he’s wearing lipstick). And I really enjoy artistic graffiti (as long as it isn’t on my place). Those little green buckets are spring-like! Almost looks like clover! What an enjoyable walk you must have had.

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