A Look From On High

My daughter in law has sold her fabulous apartment to buy an even better place. While waiting for it to be ready to move in to she has rented a very nice apartment. I was there for dinner the other night and loved the views out the window. You don’t often get to see the roofs of buildings so I was happy when I got a look out the window.

Evening was falling as you can see.

Doesn’t this just say “Paris” to you when you see it?

Another look across the way.

5 thoughts to “A Look From On High”

  1. Thinking the same thing as Annie, especially the third picture — although not necessarily Rear Window. I was picturing Cary Grant soft-shoeing his way across the roof.

  2. Love the third picture but they all ooze with the romance of Paris. I certainly could deal with that view!

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