How To Be A Parisian In One Hour

I’d been hearing about the show, How To Be A Parisian In One Hour, for quite a while and finally got a chance to see it the other night with a friend. Created and performed by a Parisian, Olivier Giraud, who lived in the States for a while, you get a look at the difference between Americans and Parisians. In a nutshell, Americans are friendly and smile a lot, while Parisians are arrogant and sneer a lot.

He opened dressed like this. Excuse the blur but I didn’t want to use flash.

Then he came out dressed in, what else, black.

He showed the difference between Americans and Parisians while ordering at a cafe, hailing a taxi and talking to a taxi driver, flirting and then even went into sex differences. It’s definitely not for families or for people who are offended by bad language or sexual references although I’ve seen much worse in movies rated R. One older couple left after a short while probably shocked by what they heard. The audience, composed of people from all over the world along with French, seem to enjoy his performance but I left a little disappointed thinking it was a bit raunchy. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here for so long but but I could have given him a lot more material-as an outsider I think I notice more-as he probably did when he returned from the States.
The show ends at the end of the year and then he is taking it on the road to both Europe and the States. I’m getting a little old and cranky and don’t enjoy movies with young male humor like The Hangover, but if you like this sort of thing, I think you will enjoy this show.

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  1. We’d also heard/read about this and saw it a few months ago. 90% of the audience seemed young French people — they, and we, laughed a lot!

    I agree it’s a bit raunchy, a bit juvenile, and pretty stereotypical for anyone whose read a few French / Paris ‘customs and culture’ books, but still … overall I’d recommend it for a short, one-person show and some good-natured laughs and equal-opportunity digs at various nationalities. Maybe the key is to keep expectations low and just go out for an enjoyable evening.

    Cheers and remember to look at a point on the floor of the metro and not at the people begging for money!

  2. Not my cup of tea! I’m such a prude when it comes to raunchy comedy, just don’t get any enjoyment from it! I love drama, serious business and a story with depth……….or a fabulous musical…….when spending a night at the theatre.

    Loved those Paris night windows in the other post……such great rooflines in your beautiful city. Franglish sounds fun – you always manage to latch on to interesting venues Linda.

    Hugs – Mary

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