First Brocante of the Season

I went to the first brocante of the season, at least for me, recently. I love going to them, looking at items from the past. Our apartment is so full that I don’t need one more thing but it doesn’t stop me from looking.

This one was held near Sacre Coeur up on Montmartre below the Anvers metro stop. I joined Lisa there and we had one of those fabulous sunny days as you can see by the sky behind the cathedral.

While waiting at the metro exit for Lisa to arrive, I saw this mad crowd pawing through piles of clothing. The store has seriously inexpensive clothing but I couldn’t bring myself to look. I hate fighting crowds to look at clothing. I’d rather pay more than do that.

We saw some gorgeous mirrors for sale, most of them very expensive.

Hmmm. I wonder what part of this lamp light up when it is turned on?

Trunks for sale by a friendly, talkative Englishman. He said he bought them in Brittany.

You can always find silverware for sale along with glasses and plates. I should get some instead of buying my usual at IKEA.

7 thoughts to “First Brocante of the Season”

  1. The trunks look great. I’m no good at a brocante because I can’t tell new from antique from fake antique. I’m sure I’d get taken.

  2. Good thing we don’t have brocantes in my neighborhood. I would be in serious trouble among mirrors like those, especially the one in the far background.

  3. Love it…..sort of like the Rose Bowl flea market….but I’d rather be at yours in Paris any day.


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