More Saint Germain

I saw a lot on my little excursion on the streets leading off of Saint Germain Blvd.

This pretty sculptured flower on the side of a building.

Whatcha doing?

I hope you’re planning on sharing.

I just like this bike leaning against the building.

Lots of outdoor seating.

8 thoughts to “More Saint Germain”

  1. The sunflower is a real work of art. I can’t imagine an American architect saying, “let’s take the time to sculpt a flower on the side of the building…” The details are amazing. The bike against the storefront looks classically French.

  2. Great photos. The sunflower on the building is great and I like the dog photos a lot too.
    No screens on the window, so are bugs not a problem?
    If we didn’t have window screens here the house would be filled with mosquitoes and moths in summer.

  3. I’m loving the pics you are catching Linda – I would love to be there too!

    Easter blessings to you, Maurice, and your family.
    Hugs – Mary & Bob

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