Petit Dejuner

I was looking out my bedroom window this afternoon when I happened to notice an open window with a tray on the bed holding the leftovers of a breakfast for two. I thought it looked sweet so took a photo with my Iphone and my favorite application. A little Rear Window action going on. When I open the window I can hear all sorts of life going on.

4 thoughts to “Petit Dejuner”

  1. Very clever photo. It’s not hard to be “neighborly” when you are that close. That photo just says “France” to me. So typical of your fantastic petit dejuener. I would have eaten more of the bagette though. 😉

  2. When we stayed in Nimes the street was very narrow and each morning when I looked out I saw the windows open (it was hot) and the duvets hanging out to air! Your neat pics reminded me of that lovely visit!

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