The Luxembourg Garden

I was in the neighborhood of the Luxembourg Garden and made a quick stop to look at the flowers there. They are always spectacular. I was surprised to find nothing in the big pots that they have there but they had done an outstanding job with tulips in the beds. The money for the landscaping here isn’t from the city but from the Senate itself which meets in the Luxembourg Palace there.

The garden is right down the hill from the Pantheon, burial site for many famous French authors.

Loved the angel with the pink tulips at her feet. I actually stood on the grass to take this photo, a big no no, but there didn’t appear to be any police about and people were sitting or lying everywhere on the lawn there.

A happy Pan dancing above yellow tulips.

The trees now have leaves and, as usual, have been trimmed into a military line.

7 thoughts to “The Luxembourg Garden”

  1. Good Easter Monday Morning to you! My friend and I were there in Paris last week (Monday-Thursday) and had a glorious time. We were at the Luxembourg Garden on Thursday, and we spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful grounds.

    At one point, my friend (who is also named Linda!) walked on the grass to get a close-up photo of some tulips and then realized she had done a big no-no, but thankfully nobody noticed or commented!

    Your photos are beautiful – thanks for posting!

  2. The tulips surrounding Pan are spectacular. We Americans find it so hilarious that grass is not for walking on, lying on, sitting on. How have you adjusted?

  3. I love seeing Pan dancing above the yellow tulips! This season I’ve surrounded myself with yellow and orange tulips and they always make me feel like dancing too.

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