Saint Sulpice

I was in the area of the beautiful church, Saint Sulpice, the other day, now famous because it was written of in the best seller, The Da Vinci Code.

Here’s a look at the front. When I first moved to Paris about ten years ago (!) I attended a French class near here and the tower on the right side was covered in scaffolding for about three years. Then they moved to the left tower and it was covered in scaffolding for years as well.

Here is is all shiny and white. You can tell that the tower on the right has already gotten darker in color. Did you notice that they are different from each other? Plans were made to change them both but the Revolution brought things to a stand still and the work was never finished.

I love the fountain in front. It’s one of my favorites in Paris.

A table set up not too far away. The red rose on the black surface looked great.

A sweet little dog in front of a shop. I saw so many dogs on this day. I’d have a dog, I think, if it didn’t need walking several times a day, rain or shine.

4 thoughts to “Saint Sulpice”

  1. But why was the dog left outside? I thought they were taken inside everywhere. Lovely shots of St. Sulpice and history of the cleaning.

  2. Don’t miss “Le café de la Mairie” there, which is the main location of “La discrète”, such a wonderfull Parisian movie.

  3. Cute dog but you do need a fenced yard if you can’t walk them through the day and you have to worry about leaving them alone, etc.
    That is a beautiful fountain.
    Have a lovely weekend Linda.

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