Ten Years!

Would you believe that I’ve been doing this for ten years? It didn’t start as a blog because, I believe, they didn’t exist yet. A few year after I started the website I turned it into a blog and here we are. I have no give aways as I didn’t realize it at the time. In any case, thanks for going through life in France with me. It’s been fun. And there’s lots more to come!

16 thoughts to “Ten Years!”

  1. Congrats. 10-years is huge. How long have you been living in France? I’d love to hear the story of how you ended up in France, unless I’ve missed that already and just need to read through your archives.

  2. Ten years is great! Someday I need to go back and see all that came before on your blog. I love your pictures and beautiful descriptions of France. No wonder I want to fly across the ocean each year! Thanks.

  3. WOW Linda , what a huge achievement .. well done and congratulations. Thank you for all your fantastic photos and sharing with us. 🙂

    I read that you met Karin .. I met her last time I was in Paris .. a lovely lady.

  4. Congratulations, Linda! I’ve been following you for at least 9 of those years and I enjoy every post. I wonder how many photos you’ve taken over the years…and am sure there has been a new camera or two along the way. Your artistry continues to grow – the photos get better and better each year. Thanks for sharing the wonders of France with us.

  5. 10 years — incredible! I did hit 5 with La France Profonde but felt I needed a change. Still not sure if it was the right move, but sometimes one does need new horizons. Blog on!

  6. I remember when your blog was a journal, long before the word “blog” had been coined. I think I have been with you since the beginning. A fun journey for me!

  7. Congratulations. I have just recently discovered your blog but have already devoured your archives. I love your photos and learning more about France. I hope to go back. Here’s to another ten years.

  8. Happy Birthday !!
    Je pense que Maurice vous aidera à lire mon commentaire….
    Je viens consulter votre blog de temps en temps et je visite Paris grâce à vous !
    Très bonne continuation et si on viens visiter Paris avec les enfants on vous fera un petit coucou…
    Ici la Provence n’a pas changé.

  9. HAPPY Birthday! I’ve been ‘with you’ for many of those years enjoying your experiences and pictures of Paris and Proence. It’s always so interesting to see a different point of view. Such as how the remodeling goes.

    Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

  10. Happy birthday blog!!!! I’ve been reading since 2005. Whew. And loved all the stories.

    You do a great job Linda of sharing life in Paris as you see it and experience. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

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