Saint Etienne du Mont

Just to the left and slightly behind the Pantheon, seen here, is a magnificent church.

It’s called Saint Etienne du Mont and it has a fabulous interior.

As you can see here, it has what’s called a rood screen going across the middle of the church. Most have been removed from churches but this beautiful example was saved.

Two spiral staircases ascend on either side of the rood screen.

This unusual sculpture hangs from the ceiling.

3 thoughts to “Saint Etienne du Mont”

  1. Love the elaborate spiral staircase. Was the rood screen to separate the priest from the congregation?
    You know the most fascinating things about Paris, you should write a book. Oh, you did. Secrets of a Paris Tour Guide, available on Kindle for $8.99.

  2. I believe this is one of the rare churches with that screen.
    I have seen this beautiful church and its not as grand as Notre Dame but my gosh its pretty and it has lovely stained glass too.

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