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I go the really long distance via the metro to go to the dentist. Maurice has been going to this dentist since he worked for IBM which had their offices there at la Defense and I started to go to him too. I think I’ve decided that he’s too far away and I’m not sure I like his attitude. I went to him for a problem with a couple of teeth which were chipping. I said that I needed to say what I had to say in English as my French vocabulary for dental terms isn’t very good. He told me at that point that I needed to practice my French. Well, duh. I know that. Then I showed him my teeth. I told him that several years ago I used a product to whiten my teeth and it took the enamel off part of two teeth and now they were starting to chip. He looked at them and told me that that wasn’t what happened. He said I had work on the two teeth and that it had fallen out. That wasn’t the case and I told him so. Then he pointed out something else and I said that had happened when I had braces when a teenager. He told me that wasn’t the case also. Okay. They are my teeth and I think I know what happened to them. I said, yes, that’s what happened and he said, no it didn’t. I don’t know if this is typical French or what but it made me mad enough that I think I will look for a dentist that is not only nearer but easier to deal with. Whatever. Just fix the problem. Anyway, since la Defense has such great urban architecture, I took some photos seen before here on this blog but they are new photos.

There very modern arch that lies directly in line with…

The original Arch de Triumph some distance away.

There is lots of modern sculpture here and there in the business complex.

I took this with my new IPhone and did some work with the program. I really like it.

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  1. The iPhone picture is very cool. Is that scaffolding always in the arch or are they working on it?
    As for dentists, this one sounds like a pain to work with. When I was in France and had to go to a dentist, he was very impressed with my American dental work, which made me a little nervous.

  2. When we were in France, Elliot got sick and we took him to the dr. He was getting these boils, and he’d had the same thing the previous summer in Mauritania, so we were pretty sure it just hadn’t cleared up. The dr INSISTED they were spider bites, even though they weren’t. We didn’t care, as treatment was the same either way, but it was annoying. Aside from this, loved French health care, btw.

  3. Love the last one….it looks like something one would see hanging in an art museum!

    Seems like a very odd attitude for a dentist! Was he doing his best to get rid of you? I hope you do find someone closer and (if I may make this judgment) better!

  4. Yes, time to find a dentist with a “bedside manner” – can you ask around friends to get a recommendation? I’ve been going to the same dental office for almost 50 years (incredible, when I’m so young!!) and luckily when my dentist finally retired, his partner is good. But I should find someone closer to home too…easier said than done.

  5. You need to “hiss” this dentist off!
    Infact la Defense sort of looks like a big tooth with a hole in it! LOL

  6. Love the new iphone photos….I’m getting one when my contract ends.

    As for the dentist….run….don’t walk….in the opposite direction. It’s your mouth, your teeth and for goodness sake you know what happened. Yikes.

  7. I agree with everybody! Find a new dentist, quick. I’ve had “issues” with French dentists too, in Paris. What about the dentists at the American Hospital in Neuilly? I had good luck there, but it was many many years ago. the Am. Hosp. dentist was French, by the way, and very good.

  8. I used to have a paper full of french vocabulary which are meant for a visit to the dentist but I no longer need them now after spending 6 years in France 🙂

    I have a very good dentist next to my home. When I go to him to service my teeth (détartrage et polissage) I don’t come back with a sore gum, whereas with the other dentist, they are so brutal. I’m happy with him after trying out a few others.

    I would have gladly recommend him to you but I stay in Gif sur Yvette, it would have been too far from Paris.

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