Near The Park

Heading away from the Luxembourg Garden towards the Saint Germain des Pres neighborhood you pass many beautiful things.

There was a little eating area set up in front of this theatre. It was a great day to be sitting outdoors.

Not what I would call pretty, but I like seeing someones toes peeking out over a pillow in a window.

St Germain Liquor is the latest, hottest drink. It’s really great when added to champagne like a kir. It’s made of elderberry flowers gathered in the French Alps only during a short period of time. In other words, it isn’t cheap.

A pretty facade.

Some more beautiful sculptured flowers on the side of a building.

4 thoughts to “Near The Park”

  1. The bottles of St. Germain Liquor look regal, and I love the facade photo too. All the great architectural ideas have passed out of fashion.

  2. Love the toes peeking out. What a cool photo you captured there.
    I have never tried St Germain but it sounds wonderful so will have to now.

  3. St Germain liquor is in our shops and I would like to try it one day but…. $$$$ here! LOL
    Its soooo cold here this morning and it looks like your summer is just around the corner 🙂

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