Around The Latin Quarter

Across the way from Notre Dame is the area called the Latin Quarter, called that because students of the schools there were taught in Latin and spoke it around there. Maurice says they should call it the Greek Quarter because it is now full of Greek restaurants. I’m not too fond of it myself as it is always full of people and I think it’s dirty. You can find pockets of beauty here and there though.

There’s the St Severin Church with lines of gargoyles.

A gargoyle with wavy hair and a bad temper.

During the Revolution anything to do with royalty or the church was usually destroyed. As you can see by this old street sign, St (saint) was removed. Kind of silly in my opinion. They also beheaded all of the statues of the kings of Judah (26 in all) on the front of Notre Dame. The church itself was almost destroyed as well.

Grafitti on the Rue Chat Qui Peche (the fishing cat), a very narrow street. The artist always puts a red umbrella, the guy with the hat, a cat, a blue bird and a red ballon in his paintings. I only took a photo of a part of it as you can see.

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  1. The graffiti of the man with the umbrella is so un-graffitish — so much better than the scrawled tag of someone. I’m just glad they didn’t take down the gargoyles during the revolution.

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