A Day of Luxury

It was actually just an afternoon and a friend and I were mostly just looking at luxury, not partaking of it. Still, it was fun.

We had tea in this restaurant which I didn’t get the name of. I loved this ceiling.

I liked the glasses of ice tea in the light. We paid six euros for a glass of “ice” tea and only got one ice cube each but there were some yummy little olives to go with the drinks.

We were near the very posh Hermes store so I had to go look in the windows as they are always fabulous. Most of them are covered and, I assume, under construction, but one revealed this metal horse sculpture. Hermes started out by making hand made leather saddles and I guess this reflects that.

There was some color here and there though, as there always is with their fantastic scarves.

5 thoughts to “A Day of Luxury”

  1. Thanks for sharing your day of luxury, & LOVE the metal horse in the Hermes window! For the resord, Hermes *still* makes saddles, which now go for around US$6,000. I ride, but those saddles are WAYYYY out of my price range — i think they’re reserved more for the rich & shameless!

  2. I have a dream where I find a Hermes scarf in a thrift shop for $2….sigh… (Hi! I’m back from getting Frenchified)

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