Interesting Paris Hotel

The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts

It is what is called a boutique hotel, a small special place and it’s found in the Latin Quarter on Rue de la Grand Chaumiere in the 6th arrondissement. I had seen it featured on a French home show and a friend of mine had read about it so we made a stop one day. It’s got a wonderful ambiance inside and a fabulous fragrance permeates the rooms. Painter Jérôme Mesnager had carte blanche to draw his famous “white bodies” which I have seen around Paris in the form of grafitti and Sophie de Watrigant’s sculptures adorn the hotel staircase. The very nice manager let us wander around and have a look.

This is in the lobby.

I liked this couch and pillows. Maybe someday I can use these colors in our apartment.

As you go up the glass walled elevator you see the white figures painted on the wall.

Climbing figures in the stair well.

Another view. Very modern, usually not my style, but I’d stay here in a heartbeat if given the chance.

5 thoughts to “Interesting Paris Hotel”

  1. Linda, spent most of yesterday reading your blog from beginning. Love your pictures and insite into life in France. The best to you both and now have you in my favorites!

  2. Linda, I love those colors on the couch and pillows too. I don’t like chocolate brown and red together, but that cafe au lait color with the red was superb. Is this a hotel that the French would stay at when they visit Paris, or does it cater to Americans?

  3. Hi Linda .. I agree with you .. and if you say you would stay there , then maybe I should give it a try one day 🙂 and I thing those colours look fab together ..

  4. Nice colors, not too much but just right. I like the cafe au lait brown. Gentle and it would coordinate with so much too.
    Stairs look scary!

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