Buddha Bar

I often hear Americans talking about the Buddha Bar which is found near Concorde, but I’ve never gone there. I went into the interior recently and I think I’d like to try it for its ambiance if nothing else. The drinks didn’t look to be too outrageously expensive having had a 30 Euro cosmo at the Ritz.

As expected, you find buddhas there.

They are known for the cds which sounded like gentle modern music to me. You can find all of them for sale here as well as Tshirts and cups.

The giant buddha overlooking this giant dining room is what made me want to eat here one day. It looks like it would be a great experience.

3 thoughts to “Buddha Bar”

  1. Looks like from your recent posts you are enjoying Paris life very much!

    Back in the States I used to listen to the Buddha Bar music, and I always wondered what the actual place was like. Now I know! (Vicariously, but good enough for me 🙂 )

    A 30€ Cosmo at The Ritz?! WOW. Yeah, that is about 1/3 of my weekly grocery budget! Yikes.

  2. the bar stokes up some controversy due to the use of buddha images in a bar that serves alcoholic drinks. i believe the use of religious images in entertainment outlets should be refrained unless the place is run on religious values of that faith.

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