Notre Dame

The other day I was leaving the Latin Quarter heading towards the metro stop at Hotel de Ville and walked in front of Notre Dame from an angle and distance that I usually don’t see. In fact, I like to take photos of this grand cathedral from the back because I love those flying buttresses but the trees and flowers added nice touches to the view.

Crossing the Seine. Notre Dame is on an island, Ile de la Cite.

Closer with the green of the trees providing a nice contrast.

And it’s hard to beat roses for color and contrast.

Before I reached Notre Dame I saw this grafitti behind some scaffolding. The red balloon and black cat it usual for this artist, but the horse was new.

PS-I will still being doing this blog but have decided to try another one- Secrets of a Paris Tour Guide as well geared towards people who want to visit Paris-just a little different slant. It won’t have anything from the book although I’m sure I will cover the same subjects now and then.

4 thoughts to “Notre Dame”

  1. I’m so heartened (is that the opposite of disheartened) to know that you’ll still be writing this blog too. I love your insights and am so envious that when you happen along the street, you look up and see Notre Dame. I didn’t realize how drab the colors were until you took the photo with the roses in front. Great shot.
    Will you include a link to Secrets of a Paris Tour Guide on this blog?

  2. Good luck with the new blog but I will still look forward to your personal tidbits about the ‘fun’ of remodeling in Paris, etc.

    Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

  3. Checked out the other blog-lovely for “travel”, but this one has the good stuff. We’ve been around all of your interesting stories for a long time-hope you’ll keep this one as well.

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