Garnier Opera

I’ve posted about the fabulous Garnier Opera House before but I was recently there and took more photos. They may even be photos of the same things I posted before but they are new. Garnier won a contest to build the opera when he was 35. It came close to not being finished several times but when the only other opera house burned down, he got to finish it.

There is the famous Chagal ceiling in the auditorium, not original to the building. The chandelier, famous from the Phantom of the Opera, fell on a construction worker, not a member of the audience.

The breathtaking gallery.

All of the curtains and wall coverings have been redone in the original fashion. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but these are almost a foot long.

These lyres are everywhere, the symbol of this opera house.

The grand staircase, where patrons were meant to see and be seen.

7 thoughts to “Garnier Opera”

  1. I really need to go inside the opera. I have often sat on the steps outside, to rest and people watch, but I’ve never been inside.

  2. Beautiful! I remember the first time I was in Paris as a young woman. I had gotten on the metro directly in the train station, and when I exited and climbed up the stairs I found myself facing the opera. It was a heart-stopping moment for me – my first look at Paris, and what a sight it was!

  3. Fabulous photos, Linda. Lovely to see the interior. We were not able to….next time, right?

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