La Rochelle

A few weeks ago Maurice and I made a trip to the Atlantic coast for a visit of the area around the city of la Rochelle. We had marvelous weather and the old city which sits on a small harbor was delightful.

We left on a TGV from the Montparnasse train station and arrived at the really lovely station in la Rochelle three hours later.

Two towers sit on either side of the entrance to the harbor.

One of the towers lit up at night. The city had wonderful areas to walk around.

There were two light houses near the harbor, one with the roof painted green, the other red, to guide boats into the harbor. There’s something magical to me about lighthouses.

A sculpture of a dog on top of a tower in the old city. I don’t know why the dog was put up there but they call it the dog tower just as you might think.

5 thoughts to “La Rochelle”

  1. Great photos. We visited La Rochelle when the kids were little and Spencer got admonished for switching seats on the carousel. Of course, he didn’t understand the French.
    My daughter is tracing our history and just found we’re related to Richlieu. Isn’t he famous for a battle in La Rochelle?

  2. Oh, thank you for these. I have an ancestor who was from a town near La Rochelle, and I want to go there. Now I’ve seen at least a bit of it.
    Maybe the red-topped and green-topped lighthouses are that way as if they were navigational buoys — red right returning: the red one on your right as you return to your harbor.

  3. Interesting photos of an area I know little about. My favorite-however he got there-the dog sculpture on top of the tower.

  4. Enjoyed the photos. Almost got to Rochelle when staying with our friends who live near Pottier but did not fit it in in the end.

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