Ile de Re

While we were on the Atlantic coast we made a trip to an Island I’ve heard about for a long time called Ile de Re.

It was a pretty little island not as I had imagined it, all rustic and nautical with old stone cottages, but very modern for the most part and full of what looked like expensive homes.

All sorts of salt products are for sale in the stores just as you might expect.

Always nice to find a heart shaped design. This was on a huge beach there.

I liked this too. There were many rocks out if the water. When the tide went out, it went way out and there were rock pools to explore.

A view of the harbor at night from the window in our hotel room.

A boy jumping from a very high way into the harbor. It was cold water too.

7 thoughts to “Ile de Re”

  1. Very cool sights. Sounds relaxing too. Is it one of those islands where you have to take a bridge that disappears underwater at high tide?

  2. Love your photos as usual — I too have heard about Ile de Ré and La Rochelle for years, and it’s wonderful to read of your experience there.


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