I love the beach and the ocean. I always have a feeling of well being there. While in la Rochelle we made a visit south to a little place called Chatelaillion Plage to have a look around.

These caught my eye. I guess they are either bathrooms or changing rooms for the nearby beach.

Typical roofline of the region.

Makes my heart go pitter patter to look at this.

A look at the little harbor there.

The sea. Always makes me want to sing that song that was so popular years ago about sailing.
So, do you think we should find a place there? Doesn’t it look great? More to come on that.

13 thoughts to “Beachy”

  1. “By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea …” was the tune going through my head while enjoying your photos. What a treat to have a seaside get-away of your own 🙂

  2. Ooh, how exciting Linda! I’ll look forward to news on that front. I like the beach at night, during winter and in the rain. I’m too fair to enjoy the Australian beach during our cruel summers. I’m sure French beaches are better 🙂

  3. Love the charming little changing cottages. The middle photo with the fence and sea grasses looks just like photos I’ve seen of the New England shore. Having been born and raised in seaside towns here in California, I think I would always have to live near the sea to be happy.

  4. Stunning photos and yes, yes, yes — a place by the sea!

    I totally relate (having just moved to another place by the sea myself) — look forward to hearing more about your plans and maybe we can catch up in person in Paris later this summer 🙂

  5. Since I live on the shore myself I say yes, sure.
    It has it’s good and bad points but if you find it relaxing, then go for it.

  6. I love to be beside the sea too. The beach huts look like changing huts. Here people buy them, and they are expensive, so that they have some where to change and park their stuff while there for the day. A little larger than those though. However they are not allowed to sleep in them overnight.

  7. I grew up by the sea and miss it. Yes, I hope you buy a place there. My friends in France are in St. Nazaire just a block or so from the ocean. St. Nazaire is too much of a city to really enjoy the sea there but this little village looks perfect.
    Let me know and what your room rates are!

  8. I love the close up of the fence on the beach. Makes me so ready for our beach vacation in July. The bathroom/changing rooms are cool, too. So much color for such a little room:)

  9. Lovely! All that beach and no one to share it with. HEAVEN! And those two little “changing” shacks. Such a lovely series of photos! Enjoy!!

  10. Is there any beach within 2 hours of Paris? That is my limit for a second house. Any further away and it is a chore to get there.

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