Roland Garros

Maurice and I usually make it to Roland Garros each year to see the French Tennis Open which we love to watch. If you play tennis or just watch it on TV, it’s so exciting to enter the grounds and then see the famous clay courts.

A look at one of the larger courts from above.

I think this is Andy Murray, a player from Scotland. He’s the hope of England as far as tennis goes.

This group is from a famous French school, the Ecole Polytechnique. It’s an honor to go there but I’m not fond of those hats. “Polytechnique was established during the French Revolution in 1794, it became a military school under Napoleon in 1804. It relinquished its military status to become a public higher educational institution in the 1970s, although it is still under the control of French Ministry of Defence today.”-quote from Wiki.

I took this photo of the metro tracks shining in the sun on our way home. We were exhausted. What is it about sitting in the sun, watching a game for six hours that exhausts you?

You can see a video I did while there at Secrets of a Paris Tour Guide.

7 thoughts to “Roland Garros”

  1. I would love to go to the French Open some time. I think you had just been when we visited Paris last year and I was searching for a French Open tshirt for my brother’s birthday. Those are still hard to track down!

  2. Great pictures. Unfortunately, Murray was elimated before the final round. Hope you drank a lot of water, sitting in the sun like that just fries you.

  3. I wish I could have gone to the tournament. Hope you stayed cool and covered from the sun with your fair skin. Those hats are not flattering at all on those kids!

  4. My husband has been watching this on TV and I’ve seen snatches of it. Funny, I even wondered if there was anyone I knew in the stands….perhaps you were there!

    Interesting hats on those lads. I wonder what they think of them?

  5. The students look very distinguished.
    I would find it hard sitting for 6 hours for a game but then I have never done it and so I should try it some time and see.
    I think being outdoors makes you feel sleepy over all. Even at the beach you get tired after sitting around all day.

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