You never know what you will see up on top of Montmartre. It can be very lively with music, mimes, food being sold and, of course, artists. Here are a few shots I took the other day.

A bride and groom were posing in front of the little train that takes tourists up to the top of Montmartre from Blanche, in front of the Moulin Rouge.

An artist making a portrait of a little girl.

A look at a row of artists at work.

This artist was doing a group drawing of 8 ladies or so over for the day from England who belonged to what was called the Rock Choir. They said you didn’t need to try out to join which sounds like one I could join if I should move to England.

3 thoughts to “Montmartre”

  1. Love walking through Montmartre – but of course love EVERY section of Paris, what am I thinking!!!!!

    Linda, I’m trying to catch up with blogs – you know how that is when one travels – and have loved looking through all your recent posts. Always something interesting happening in your life – love it all!

    Today I’ve posted on my recent Muncaster Castle visit and am wondering if this is the Pennington family you are related to. I’ve included links to the property and family. Have you been there? If this is your family, and you would like my interesting guide picked up there, I’ll be happy to send it along later after Bob has finished reading it. It tells such an interesting story and has good photos of the interiors. It was very sad knowing the charming Phyllida had died that very night before our visit. Her husband is apparently quite eccentric but was great in the TV production according to friends who viewed it. He often mingles with the tourists and sounds such a character! A castle employee chatted with us and we learned a lot about the family. What an amazing castle, and the surrounding gardens and land were spectacular.

    Hugs – Mary

  2. I love the drawing of Benjamin by one of those artists that we had done while we were there! I can’t wait to go back when he is older and get another one done to compare:)

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