Shakespeare and Company

I’ve been in Paris long enough that I’m repeating myself often here on the blog and taking photos of the same things as I am doing in this post but at least they are new photos.

An old typewriter surrounded by piles of books. I imagine most children these days have never seen one except maybe on TV or the movies.

Some more piles of books upstairs next to what is probably a bed. They still let writers sleep here if they meet the criteria.

If you look out the window upstairs to the roof you will see a little landscape set up. There were even two suspended airplane models.

Shakespeare’s face was out there too.

7 thoughts to “Shakespeare and Company”

  1. I don’t remember your post on this, but even if I did, I’d love the new photos. What are the criteria for writers sleeping at the book store? Maybe I can meet them. 🙂 My husband has several old typewriters that he collects. Not sure why

  2. Keep repeating! I love it ALL!! And sometimes it’s nice to see something similar because it does take time to page back trying to remember when you posted. 🙂

    Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

  3. We, too, just saw “Midnight in Paris.” It’s a sheer delight.

    Just keep those photos coming, Linda. We all love every one, new or not.

  4. I’d be afraid those books might topple in the night and kill me!!!! I learned to type on one of those.

    Glad you did get to Muncaster – and yes, you really can say you’re French now Madame Penitone!!!!!!!

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