Michael the Archangel

The patron of Symi is Michael the Archangel. One day Maurice and I rented a car to get a look at the island. We discovered that there isn’t a costal road circling the island although we did get great views here and there of the water below. We passed some small forests, visited a beach or two and finally reached Panormitis at the far south of the island with an ornate monastery dedicated to the Archangel. That’s just about all that was there but it was interesting.

I liked the interior of the monastery.

A look at the bell tower.

The bell.

A carving of Michael the Archangel. There was a much more elaborate one covered with what looked like silver but no photos were allowed. I bought a candle and the lady there gave me a card with his image on it which I’m keeping in my purse.

The ceiling as you entered or exited the grounds.

3 thoughts to “Michael the Archangel”

  1. That first, gorgeous picture makes me think of Spain and the Moorish influence (not unexpected in the Med, I suppose). The island looks like a lovely place to visit.

  2. Wow-love the photos of the bell and the ceiling especially. Lovely trip. Thanks for sharing.

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