le Train Bleu

At Gare de Lyon, up above the railroad tracks, is a really wonderful restaurant called le Train Bleu. Entering you find yourself back in time wondering what it was like to sit here in your travel clothes looking at the paintings above, showing the destinations trains traveled to from this train station. And it hasn’t changed. Trains here head south. We used to take the TGV from here to get to Aix. It’s worth it, though, to take the time to look at le Train Bleu or even have a drink if you have the time.

The entrance up the stairs above the tracks.

A look at the action down below.

A hall leading off the main room.

The resident cat. I’ve seen him before, usually asleep on one of the chairs. He was prowling around and I think his sleeping place had been taken.

A look at just one of the many paintings on the wall.

I especially liked this one in a dome with the people looking down at us.

8 thoughts to “le Train Bleu”

  1. I think I would really enjoy having a few cocktails there. Looks pricey, though:( I love the cat! I would probably follow him around!

  2. Hello Linda,
    We have met at L’Autre Café for a franglish session.
    At last , i take a moment to read your blog!
    It’s funny fo visit France with an american’s eye! I enjoy it!

  3. They make the best Rhum Baba!
    I have had a cocktail there and I have had lunch at Le Train Bleu too and just for the room alone – its worth it!! Food is great too and I have seen their cat walk through like he owns the place ! LOL
    I found the wait staff very helpful and they really make your visit a treat. We even got to keep the menus as they were about to change them !

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