Paris Pink

I decided to see how many things of one color I could find to photograph. Once you pick a color you see it all over the place.

An English men’s store. I don’t know how they came up with this name.

Lavender but works for me.

Pink stockings. These really caught my eye.

A pink umbrella in front of Fauchon’s with la Madeleine in the background.

Pink flowers behind some iron fencing.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having this watch by Dior. It comes with white diamonds too.

Again, not pink but the color against the black really stands out.

7 thoughts to “Paris Pink”

  1. The red stockings! oh my.
    The word Pink evokes a certain feeling I think. Not sure what it is though but it is a good feeling.

  2. I wonder how many guys would admit they’d bought their clothes in a store called “Pink?” I remember reading somewhere that a Chinese company that made mens shirts for export had the label, “Pansy.” They changed the name when no one in the West would buy the shirts.

  3. What a great idea Linda – I may have to copy that later! Only thing is I’m doubtful I’ll find any of the beautiful things such as offered in Paris here in my neck of the woods!


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