Paris Red

You see red all over Paris, just about any place you look.

Red geraniums of course. They are the flowers you see the most in Paris windows.

Cheerful red tables and chairs to temp you for a meal.

I love that red couch at the table.

Hearts are always red.

Some more red tables and chairs-these on Rue de Buci.

And some red sweet peas. You don’t see these for sale very often.

8 thoughts to “Paris Red”

  1. How fun! I love your theme of colors! Would you be willing to email me a photo you took of your former home in Provence? I need some inspiration for my office?

  2. Love the red tables and chairs at the outdoor cafe. The French must have discovered that red increases the appetite, just like McDonalds did. I hate geraniums. Cannot stand the smell, but they look pretty from afar.

  3. Red is the perfect spark of color with all the gray and black of the city…and touches of gold.

  4. Your color-themed Paris photos are very enjoyable. I love red….don’t think I’ve seen red sweet peas before.

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