Paris Yellow

Some yellow objects (some in tones of gold) that I saw in one day in Paris.

I can’t afford these particular glasses but I’m going to try some on and see how they look on my face. Round is in right now.

I haven’t seen many yellow bicycles in my day but suddenly saw one while on a mission to photograph yellow objects.

Yellow tiles in the mosaic floor of Passage Vivienne with a nice pop of orange from the twirly jig (is that’s the correct name?)

I loved the shape of these lights seen on a theatre behind Palais Royal.

Not yellow but gold. I thought this coffee dispenser looked like a face.

Good prices for happy hour. It’s kind of hard to find happy hour in a lot of places but it’s starting to become more common.

Kind of greenish yellow. I like going into this store off of Rue de Buci and look at pens, my particular passion.

14 thoughts to “Paris Yellow”

  1. Thanks for the yellow tour. I think round glasses would look terrible on me. Yellow is actually a color many people don’t look good in, but I could ride a yellow bike or buy a newspaper in a yellow building.

  2. Love that yellow bicyclette.

    Twirly jig, great name but I’ve never heard it before. I’ve heard them called whirligigs and pinwheels. Maybe the name varies in different places and countries?

  3. Such cheerful yellow shots around Paris, and I do love yellow! You should see the 3 foot tall mounds of yellow flowers blooming solidly all along my walking path by the ocean. It’s a sight to behold against the deep blue water. Monet would have loved to paint the scene.

  4. that last shop looks like a place i’d like to pop my head in for a peek. 🙂

    beautiful yellow shades!

  5. Yellow is a happy color I think…perfect for the “happy hour” sign. But my favorite photo is the Buci News shop. And I love the way they have swirled the cards/postcards? up the window like that!

  6. Love yellow and am a pen-a-holic too. Great photos.

    Have you ever had a caipirinha? One of my favorite drinks!


  7. Lamps are on theatre du Palais Royal. It is a one of a kind building in Paris. Makes me think of New Orleans buidlngs sometimes.
    Enjoying your colorfull posts.

  8. Love the lanterns hanging from the theatre building.

    Having trouble seeing you in those glasses in yellow – with our red hair I think we’ll have to give ’em a miss! I just can’t wear yellow – but I’ve seen lots of pretty yellow Summer dresses here, especially in Anthropologie, a store I love to visit. I didn’t buy one of course, but I did find a pair of fabulous grey linen pants ON SALE – marked down from a whopping $118 to $30, I swooned and whipped out my credit card immediately!! Now pretty yellow sandals might be an option to wear with grey – I like that combo.

    Love your pics dear friend.

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