Paris Black and White

Some black, white or black and white objects seen around Paris.

White rose on a white table cloth.

White dog, white pole.

Black and white in the garb of this nun. She’s looking at a tour book of Paris and I think the young people behind her are with her.

The black and white columns, conceptual art, seen as you enter Palais Royal from Place Colette.

Nice place to take a rest.

7 thoughts to “Paris Black and White”

  1. Black and white is so elegant, I think.

    I did not know one could still see nuns dressed in full habit like that these days. When I was a youngster I wanted to be a nun so I could wear those long flowing robes.

  2. One of the things I loved about France was seeing properly-dressed nuns! I thoroughly disapprove of modern wear for nuns. (No I’m not at all Catholic, as you can tell) I have a fond memory of seeing one, in full medieval garb, striding past a store named “Trendy.” I missed the pic but have it firmly in my mind’s eye 🙂

  3. Love the Nun! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the US dressed in the black and white habit! Love your pics Linda.

  4. Black and white can never be wrong – clothes, shoes, furniture, fabrics, jewelry, cars – elegant and clean looking. Love those little seats – always need resting place when sightseeing in Paris.


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