St Eustache

I was in the area of the St Eustache church the other day. It’s a very nice area to walk around, full of history and interesting things to see.

This is on a store that once sold honey but doesn’t any longer. I’m glad they kept it.

The St Eustache church is covered with clocks and sundials. This is just one of them.

I really like the architecture of this building right across the street from the entrance of St Eustache.

St Eustache church is in the middle of what used to be the huge market of Paris where people came to buy food. It was shut down and an awful underground mall was put in its place. This sculpture is inside the church comminerating the closing of the market.

An ancient building on rue Montorgueile near St Eustache.

A row of flowers for sale on rue Montorgueile.

3 thoughts to “St Eustache”

  1. What great details you find. It takes a special eye to continue to find the interesting in the everyday. That beehive is really fascinating.

  2. Just showing Bob, who passed by my screen on the way to the kitchen to refill his coffee mug, all the lovely things you capture on the streets of Paris. We went to see the movie, Midnight in Paris a few days ago – a lot of fun – and both agreed we have to come back as we love visiting the city so much.

    The honey pot is fabulous.

    Mary X and Bob X

  3. Love that beehive sign!

    I’m so glad I was able to see Les Halles when it was still the belly of Paris. My strongest memory of that experience was having onion soup in a bistro at 3am, and seeing big burly butchers from the market wearing white aprons covered with blood while having a bite to eat at the next table.

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